22nd February 2016

AC// Sharing the Pie with Molkie

Molkie has been here for 7 days and has already made the world of difference to me and Comp-A-Tent. Sharing the journey with the right person […]
22nd February 2016

JM// Starting at Comp-A-Tent

Well! Talk about a baptism by fire! Not only did Founder, Amanda, turn 24 (her present? My arrival of course!) on the day I arrived back, […]
12th January 2016

JM// Sayonara, Japan

Come 12th February 2016, Comp-A-Tent officially becomes a two-person operation – hurray! Despite having my crotch doused in a fine ale during my first meeting, my […]
1st December 2015

JM// Seeing the Office and my Wet Pants

The day to impress was here, our first Comp-A-Tent meeting. A chance to see progress, check out the office and to see what made Amanda squirm. […]
22nd November 2015

AC// Starting an [ad]Venture

I was listening to the ‘20 Minute VC podcast’ and a guest VC said she loved working with young entrepreneurs because she loves hearing about their […]