JM// Sayonara, Japan
12th January 2016
AC// Sharing the Pie with Molkie
22nd February 2016

JM// Starting at Comp-A-Tent

Well! Talk about a baptism by fire!

Not only did Founder, Amanda, turn 24 (her present? My arrival of course!) on the day I arrived back, but I now understand why Amanda’s days were so long and her sleep so little whilst I was co-working from Japan – there is a lot to do, all the time!

Despite a promise to myself to really focus on the design work, keeping the business ticking over really tested my resolve.

Between applying for 3 competitions, investors meeting, mapping our the yearly schedule, setting up my computer details and ping pong, we still manage to dedicate a day to making the tent, and a day of design workshop and design opportunities.

I think we’re going to need more post-it notes!

Key things done this week:

  • Outlined key activities for each festivals and the work required
  • Costings for Year 1 inc. research and marketing at Festivals
  • Design workshops to share stories and insights of the Festival Experience
  • Discussion and development on how to mechanise tent manufacture
  • Cheap, quality pizza tested at Pizza Union

Here’s to week 2.