JM// Seeing the Office and my Wet Pants
1st December 2015
JM// Starting at Comp-A-Tent
22nd February 2016

JM// Sayonara, Japan

Come 12th February 2016, Comp-A-Tent officially becomes a two-person operation – hurray! Despite having my crotch doused in a fine ale during my first meeting, my journey with Comp-A-Tent is official, marked by my resignation and migration from Japan back to England; Sayonara, Japan!

I have thoroughly enjoyed living in Japan, with my adventures in learning the language, making new friends and generally living my life up here! It’s a crazy place, but definitely not in the way those uninitiated imagine it to be.

Jumping before I’m pushed, I would have left Japan come August in order to avoid becoming a jaded ex-pats who loses sight of the positives of living here.

As I mark the one month countdown to my departure, even the mundane has a hint of a rosy glow, coloured by the knowledge that the sands of my time here is down to the last teaspoonful – anyone for a cuppa?