AC// Setting Sail
13th March 2016
JM// Plastic Fantastic [1] Prep
4th April 2016

JM// Game ON!

Week 6 of my 8 week trial period saw a mix of work – my own, Comp-A-Tent and PPL PWR, an eco-collective of sustainable businesses we’re going to Festivals with this summer!

One such festival is Brainchild. Having been to their launch party a few weeks, it’s a super cool team, and they’ve offer PPL PWR some display space at their festival. The organisers wanted to offer festivalers the chance to stay in our tents! But we compromised by using the space as the PPL PWR team’s accomodation – such good friends!

Further to this we’re producing a unique chillout zone for the festivalers, including a large hang-out structure-come-acoustic stage – it’s gonna be super cool and super budget!

My involvement with PPL PWR has increased this last week, not only producing the graphic work for it’s competition to help develop sustainable business ideas – check it out here – but sourcing printing and working the website – it’s nice to have a project outside of Comp-A-Tent and somebody to work with that’s not Amanda! (Heeeeey! Take that back!)

Talking of sites, we’re migrating from GoDaddy, to Amazon AWS in the coming days – so bear with us if we have some slight technicals issues – Thanks to Amanda’s sister for setting up all the backend – it looked hideous!

Besides continued development on the tent, this week saw us become less like hermits and make new friends – WeGeek threw a gamer night at our BaseKX offices, bringing in huge numbers of gamers for a LAN party, Mario Kart tournament, some retro video and board gaming – with excellent drink courtesy of Platform 103 – it was a super night, and we can’t wait for the next event on Friday 3rd of June!

Maybe Amanda will have time to brush up on her Tekken before then…BURN!

The second opportunity was a UCL Advances social, connecting a number of businesses from their The Hatchery building, with businesses at BaseKX to network and help problem solve.

Thanks to a table tennis game, I nearly lost Comp-A-Tent to another entrepreneur, only to bring back the match and win their business. I didn’t get their contact details, or what the business did, but I’m sure the contract winging its way to the office and I type!