AC// Sharing the Pie with Molkie
22nd February 2016
AC// Setting Sail
13th March 2016

JM// Bringing the D [esign]

Off the back of an awesome weekend of handball fun, I was ready to tackle more of the design challenges of Comp-A-Tent and prove my value as the Chief Design Officer.

Design Challenge

One key job left over from week 1 was the Design Challenge; a user centred statement of what we were trying to solve, broad enough to allow us to generate future product ideas and designs.

After defining Core Functions, user problems, we settled on;

“Create the means for me to worry less, and live on my terms, at festivals”

This lead to a flurry of new product and service ideas which we noted for future development, whilst going on to focus on our compostable tent.

Life Cycle Analysis

As a sustainable business, we know it’s essential to provide quantifiable evidence that Comp-A-Tent is a lower impact product than a regular tent, and to define the circumstances in which users should choose a Comp-A-Tent.

To do this, we utilised Loughborough University’s eco-design tools, to begin evaluate qualitively a number of competitor tents, in order to see the opportunities and room for Comp-A-Tent to explore.

We would love to work more closely with material scientist to make this process more rigorous – so if you’re interested, please get in contact here!

Product Design Specification

With all the outputs generated this week, it was time to generate the Product Design Specification!


This documents outlines practically every aspect of the product, defined in terms of ‘should’s and ‘must’s, using quantitative definitions. These definitions are based on research performed, but also help you to identify gaps in your knowledge (we only had a few – I promise!)

Though it is a live document, so it is subject to change, now we have a hard document that ensures when we can compare our final design against a set of specifications, and know when the product is ‘there’!