5th August 2016

JM// LeeFest 2016

The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things, of mermaids, Pirates, lost boys, musicians and Mr Lee. Oh yes ladies and gentleman, […]
16th July 2016

JM// Brainchild 2016

One week after a glorious, yet muddy Glastonbury, we were off to Brainchild festival. “Now Molkie,” I hear you say, ” what the flaming bananas is […]
2nd June 2016

JM// Innocent Unplugged Pt2

Goddam Ginger Rob. Goddam him and his body clock. As I awake to “Wake up, we’re going to miss yoga”. He’s only been back an hour. […]
1st June 2016

JM// Innocently Unplugging Pt1

After a heated debate between catching the first train at 0620, and heading off around midday, 9am was the determined time that Comp-A-Tent and friends would […]
19th May 2016

JM// RA Eng Showcase

The lecture theatre looked familiar, then it hit me. The Royal Institution Christmas lectures are given in this very room! The steep wood panelled room steeped […]
5th April 2016

JM// Plastic Fantastic [2] Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect – “My Mother makes me mash my Mini M&Ms on a Monday Morning” There are rare moments in life where I feel like I’m […]
4th April 2016

JM// Plastic Fantastic [1] Prep

Plastic Fantastic was the buzzword this week, with everyday day dedicated to the fast-approaching 3-day boot camp and pitch for €10000. Reworking our Business model canvas, […]
28th March 2016

JM// Game ON!

Week 6 of my 8 week trial period saw a mix of work – my own, Comp-A-Tent and PPL PWR, an eco-collective of sustainable businesses we’re […]
13th March 2016

AC// Setting Sail

After an exciting weekend at a launch party for BrainChild Festival, we were back at the office frantically crunching out grant applications. In good news, Comp-A-Tent […]
29th February 2016

JM// Bringing the D [esign]

Off the back of an awesome weekend of handball fun, I was ready to tackle more of the design challenges of Comp-A-Tent and prove my value […]