JM// Sayonara, Japan

Come 12th February 2016, Comp-A-Tent officially becomes a two-person operation – hurray! Despite having my crotch doused in a fine ale during my first meeting, my journey with Comp-A-Tent is official, marked by my resignation and migration from Japan back to England; Sayonara, Japan!

I have thoroughly enjoyed living in Japan, with my adventures in learning the language, making new friends and generally living my life up here! It’s a crazy place, but definitely not in the way those uninitiated imagine it to be.

Jumping before I’m pushed, I would have left Japan come August in order to avoid becoming a jaded ex-pats who loses sight of the positives of living here.

As I mark the one month countdown to my departure, even the mundane has a hint of a rosy glow, coloured by the knowledge that the sands of my time here is down to the last teaspoonful – anyone for a cuppa?

JM// Seeing the Office and my Wet Pants

The day to impress was here, our first Comp-A-Tent meeting. A chance to see progress, check out the office and to see what made Amanda squirm.

My backpack laden heavy with portfolio goodies, I felt like the first day of school, though far happier about heading out than I had ever been as a student (though the first day of secondary school I did feel rather spiffing in my maroon jacket!).

Meeting, and strolling along the canal around Kings Cross, I was welcomed to the offices of UCL Advances Incubator, BASE KX.

It has a ping pong table, so I knew this place meant business.

A recent addition to UCL’s facilities, it had all the raw, exciting, concrete/wood aesthetic I had lived for at the Loughborough Design School. The creative passion was palatable, even… smellable?

Who wouldn’t want to work there! Though, no doubt, I kept my cool; the offer was on the table, not in the bank.

After selling me a vision, showing me the ‘patent pending’ tech, and the coffee maker, it was my turn to impress.

Nine months of product development, of blood, sawdust and poly-filler, laid bare on the table. I had forgotten what it was like to speak so passionately and fiercely about design, I found myself fascinating!

As did Amanda, I think… Well, we went out for lunch, so must have been going well.

Or so I thought, until mid dinner, in a moment of what can only be described as, a mouse biting through a electric wire, Amanda sent her pint flying off the table, her spidey reflexes enabling her to catch the glass mid fall, only to redirect the glass and its contents directly onto my crotch.

Much to the amusement of our fellow diners.

It seemed like the spark of the partnership had been extinguished by a pint of Jolly Holly before it had had even the chance to light the kindling.