14th September 2017

WATCH// LeeFest 2016 (Throwback Thursday)

21st August 2017


19th March 2017

LISTEN// Our 2016 Favs

Well, what a summer its been! Innocent Unplugged, Glasto, Brainchild, LeeFest, Secret Garden Party, Boomtown, Green Man, ValleyFest AND Bestival – enjoy!
2nd February 2017

WATCH// 007 Thanks to ALAN

22nd January 2017

WATCH// 006 I’m NOT OK

11th January 2017

WATCH// 005 Lyon Lies

11th November 2016

WATCH// 003 你好! Pop Up Start Up

13th October 2016

WATCH// 002 People Environment Achieve

3rd October 2016


And now for something different…
17th August 2016

WATCH// Boomtown Fair 2016

So we’re trying something different, spending what would be blog writing time, instead editing a vlog, so you guys can feel AS IF YOU WERE THERE! […]
13th March 2016

AC// Setting Sail

After an exciting weekend at a launch party for BrainChild Festival, we were back at the office frantically crunching out grant applications. In good news, Comp-A-Tent […]
22nd February 2016

AC// Sharing the Pie with Molkie

Molkie has been here for 7 days and has already made the world of difference to me and Comp-A-Tent. Sharing the journey with the right person […]
22nd November 2015

AC// Starting an [ad]Venture

I was listening to the ‘20 Minute VC podcast’ and a guest VC said she loved working with young entrepreneurs because she loves hearing about their […]