JM// Starting at Comp-A-Tent
22nd February 2016
JM// Bringing the D [esign]
29th February 2016

AC// Sharing the Pie with Molkie

Molkie has been here for 7 days and has already made the world of difference to me and Comp-A-Tent. Sharing the journey with the right person is definitely worth the price of sharing a slice of the pie.

Firstly my sleeping pattern is back on track as we’re no longer discussing business at 11pm in different time zones. Zzzzz…

I’m also more productive and am getting my work-life balance back. And work is more fun with someone to share the highs and give hugs on the lows.


Monday we set out to plan the summer, setting targets and establishing what we wanted to achieve at each festivals. We then worked backwards and set deadlines for what needed to be achieved and when. Molkie and I are both visual thinkers and he managed to put part of my scrambled brain in posted form on a wall. We celebrated Molkie’s first day with £4 Pizza and tap water – Cheers!

Tuesday we jumped straight into physically making the tent so Molkie can experience the difficulty with the tedious manufacturing process and help solve the numerous problems. Think we’re going to keep count of how many injuries via stepping on pins. So far Molkie 2: Amanda 7. Ended the day with a well deserved free beer and a high five!

Wednesday started off with number crunching and questioning previous assumptions. From lunch until 10pm, the day was filled with meetings with potential investors and a collaborative called PPL PWR.

Thursday  – Design workshop day! We covered a wall in posted notes of ideas and shuffled them round for importance. Great technique and can’t wait to get more people involved in this design process not only for Comp-A-Tent but to help other start-ups.

Friday – Skype meeting with our Material Scientist Simone. We planned what we wanted to test to get some trialled and tested data on our material composition.

I’ve heard of the idea of the metaphor for different hats to wear in the business when running a start-up, but feel we have different wardrobes.   “Naked” kept propping up on key words to do with our business.

Monday we get to express ourselves / Tuesday was like a workout! / Wednesday was a shirt day with shoes. / Thursday we were literally barefoot and free. / Friday was lab coats.

Molkie likened us to Hansel and the “Blue Steel” from Zoolander – he needs to work on his pose though!