JM// Seeing the Office and my Wet Pants
1st December 2015

AC// Starting an [ad]Venture

I was listening to the ‘20 Minute VC podcast’ and a guest VC said she loved working with young entrepreneurs because she loves hearing about their journey.

So Molkie and I have decided to write these blogs, partly also to keep everyone updated with our (ad) venture and also a sort of diary to look back – see what went right and also what went horribly wrong.

I’ll skim over 2015 as it was a bit of a whirlwind. It was the year Comp-A-Tent was born. I designed the compostable tent for my architecture design project for my final uni project and applied for a uni business competition, writing my first business plan in one weekend (highly unrecommended). I almost didn’t make the leap as I knew the business wasn’t ready and was struggling to balance everything. But when is a business or an individual ever really ready? I’m so glad I just went for it, and would recommend everyone to really push themselves, even when something seems almost impossible.

After the initial competition success, Comp-A-Tent was born and I was off to the festivals, starting with Glastonbury and ending with a bump on the head at Shambala. Sadly this concussion kept me from finishing the festival circuit with Bestival, which would have been my 4th consecutive year.

With the summer over, co-ordination back and an empty bank account, it was time to get a part-time job to keep Comp-A-Tent’s founder afloat. I thought I landed the perfect side job, however this sadly took over all my energy and Comp-A-Tent began to slow down when it really needed to be doing the opposite.

So I made the next big leap of faith and quit my job.


The adventure began.