JM// Bringing the D [esign]
29th February 2016
JM// Game ON!
28th March 2016

AC// Setting Sail

After an exciting weekend at a launch party for BrainChild Festival, we were back at the office frantically crunching out grant applications.

In good news, Comp-A-Tent got through to the final 10 for Plastic Fantastic Challenge, which was quite surprising as we thought the focus was on solutions for packaging problems. We have a fair shot at the €10,000 grant but the support from the experts in the field is invaluable.

In bad news, the CleanTech competition proved a lesson in reading the fine print – turns outs only current University graduates could apply – bummer!

We didn’t get through to the Climate-Kic accelerator as they felt Comp-A-Tents didn’t have a big enough environmental impact. Going forward, I think we need to clearly point out the large scale implications of our business, as I feel they are definitely on par with previous selected start-ups.

The level of environmental innovations has definitely risen in the last year, which is awesome but also gives a huge sense of urgency. Timing is key to a successful business and this week was a big reminder to up the game quickly or the boat will sail.

In hindsight, we probably could have spent less time chasing money/grants and instead focused on developing our product. But you never know which ones will be successful. I would have thought we would be pros by now, but alas they haven’t been as successful as we anticipated.

A clear sign that we need to take a shift in our approach!

Photo by Holly Fernando